Who are we ?

About OWN and his team

OWN is the result of people from different but complementary backgrounds coming together.

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Nicolas Jacquet, who initiated the project, gained most of his experience with the real-estate investment company, “Groupe GH” where he managed the commercial department for five years. A patrimony company such as Groupe GH must acquire a certain autonomy in relation to the experts it calls upon. In this way, several departments (commercial, development, legal, financial, administration, etc.) cooperate internally with a single goal: Developing patrimony.

Using his experience, Nicolas wished to recreate a multi-disciplinary tool like those found in investment groups of a certain size, but, this time, for the benefit of private investors.

OWN’s ambition is to bring together all real-estate stakeholders with a significant impact on the choices and decision-making of customer investors. As a result, investment advisors, architects, and asset managers work together. Over time, OWN gave itself the means of integrating legal and financial expertise to provide a more complete offer.