OWN Capital

Real estate investment company

“OWN Capital” is an investment vehicle created by the “OWN” real estate group. One of the strengths of this entity is being able to rely on the multidisciplinary skills of “OWN Services” in order to acquire, develop and manage assets directly.

OWN Capital is currently focused on two main areas.

Real estate promotion

Real estate development operations with well-defined criteria

  • Residential as the main asset class (to renovate or to build).
  • The location (most often in Brussels).
  • The quality of the buildings (surface areas, facades, development potential, …).
  • The liquidity of the units constituting the buildings on the sales market.
  • A possible exit from the project within 12 to 36 months max.

Real estate

Heritage development with equally determined criteria

  • Residential and retail as main asset classes.
  • Location.
  • The capacity of the tenants.
  • The quality of the buildings (architectural aspects, volumes and living comfort, long-term potential,…).

Recently Completed Projects