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At OWN, we believe that property management requires time and expertise. But this time and expertise are not just necessary for the purchasing process, but also throughout the life of the investment. We, therefore, look after assets from acquisition to sale.



The search for real-estate on behalf of private investors.

The time is undoubtedly right for real-estate investment:

  • Mortgage lending rates are historically low;
  • Securities are constantly unstable;
  • Transfer costs (registration fees and solicitor’s fees) are excessively high in Belgium BUT accordingly grant incomparable stability to the real-estate market.
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Rental investment, therefore, seems to be THE sector to exploit in order to attain stable, secure profitability. Nevertheless, the search for real-estate can turn out to be long and tedious and requires considerable expertise. Indeed, finding a property is not an easy task. With real-estate transactions that can become aggressive (bidding and outbidding) through the action of many potential purchasers. With purchase offers that are unrealistic and a multitude of offers made by estate agents, purchasing a property at a fair market price remains and will always be highly complicated.

In order to assist its investment customers and allow them to save time and provide a single point of contact and serious expertise, OWN devotes all its energy to identifying opportunities that correspond to them.

OWN puts itself for the first time exclusively alongside the purchaser-investor in the search for a property that suits them.

To do so, before the contract stage, one or more interviews are organized with the investment candidate to refine the target of their real-estate project. Following these meetings, the criteria for the real-estate search are, in theory, well-defined (type of property, location, investment amount, desired yield, etc.), OWN can then begin its task of real-estate hunter in the form of an exclusive search mandate.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or own several properties, searching for real-estate can be complex from any perspective. The real-estate advice provided by OWN helps you with the identification process (rental properties, property groups, beautiful mansions, land for construction, exceptional properties, etc.) and also to find a suitable real-estate funding formula (comparison of personal contribution and borrowing capacity, type of real-estate purchase to target according to the ratio, etc.)

Thanks to a real-estate network forged over the last ten years, OWN implements proactive prospection to find the real-estate that corresponds to the expectations of its mandators. OWN goes around all the stakeholders in the real-estate industry (agents, real-estate managers, estate agents, solicitors, etc.), publication networks (real-estate listings websites, advertising from private real-estate websites, notarial sales, monitoring of real-estate news, etc) and what can be found off the market and could meet the demands of investment customers.

When a property has been identified, OWN carries out a technical survey in the form of a real-estate assessment, covering all useful information.

The property or properties have been identified. OWN now aids and advises its customers in all the traditional processes that result from real-estate transactions, from negotiation to the signing of the notarial deed. OWN effectively acts as a negotiator with the aim of obtaining a fair price.

It safeguards the purchase and analyzes the sale before any offer (presence of a pre-emptive right or otherwise, analysis of the urban planning situation, analysis of the technical situation of the building and its general condition, examination of current tenancies and neighboring market values, etc.) and formulation of a sales agreement with the customer according to this analysis (insertion of conditions precedent, variation of the price offered, etc.).

OWN accompanies its customers from the sale agreement to the authenticated deed. And beyond… (see “Improve” and “Manage”).



Improving real-estate with the aim of increasing its value.

Investing in rental real-estate, whether for a single first-time investment or to create a real-estate portfolio, is one of the best financial investments possible for a private investor.

But, you still need to know how to invest in real-estate, where to invest and, above all, how to optimize your various real-estate investments. OWN considers that the property to buy is the one with latent profitability potential.


However, to achieve the best returns a series of obstacles must be avoided and require sustained effort in terms of market knowledge, access to real-estate news and time capital. To deal with these constraints and assist the investor as much as possible, OWN uses all of its expertise to best advise its customers regarding improving their assets, whether this is:

  • To improve rental property structurally: organizing and monitoring work.
  • Optimizing real-estate assets from an administrative point of view: regulation of the urban planning situation, reassessment of real-estate income in relation to market price, diverse real-estate advice on private management, etc.
  • Making all real-estate investments more optimal in fiscal provisions: division of property, purchase as bare property/usufruct, analysis of any tax benefits and their implementation, purchase/resale and management of reuse, basis for renegotiation of debt ratios to maximize the leverage effect and the yield on equity, etc.

Ultimately, OWN’s work optimizing your property is concentrated on increasing your return on investment, improving the rental value of your assets in order to generate capital gains and organizing the various mechanisms for establishing a long-term real-estate strategy.

For OWN, whether it concerns business real-estate or non-professional real-estate, the right investment projects are those in which there is still a shortfall. Often, improvement work can significantly improve the rental yield of properties. However, monitoring such work can be a long tedious process. To mitigate this, and once the property has been acquired, OWN provides advice on real-estate investment on the basis of the current situation by proposing a projected situation. To do so, OWN establishes a profitability calculation according to the rental market, the possibilities offered by the property, borrowing capacity, and the cash flow available for the project to transform the purchase into a better investment.

As soon as the dossier is approved, before it is rented out, and always with a view to freeing up the time capital of the investor, OWN will take the place of the project supervisor to better monitor the work taking place, regularly informing its customer of progress.

A good number of rental properties in Brussels require work to increase their overall revenue and give them greater profitability. However, it is necessary to devote a lot of time and expertise to them. OWN is your partner in this respect.

A significant number of rental real-estate assets are not conform with urban planning, which may block their sale. A lot of buildings have rental income that is well below market value or are simply empty due to the owner-landlord having insufficient time.

OWN takes its time to produce a report on the administrative situation and proposes solutions that match the possibilities offered to regularize the urban planning situation or to remove any rental vacations.

Already being an owner or wishing to build real-estate patrimony may require decisions concerning arbitration, reorientation, or real-estate improvement at any time. Indeed, the current tax regime, inheritance law, and gift tax, or management of cash flow and the debt level of real-estate assets may require particular skills that are not always available to everyone. Why invest in bricks and mortar if you are constantly going to be struggling with strategic considerations that require regular diligent effort?

Thanks to its real estate management service, OWN offers a customized study in the form of a real-estate report to make your portfolio more profitable and as liquid as possible.



Daily management of real-estate with a view to long term valorization.

With the investment solutions it offers, its legal and fiscal aspect and the various products offered, real-estate investment is one of the most attractive financial products.

Apart from this, its main advantage is undoubtedly the stability of its market and its consistently stable “yield/risk” ratio.


Indeed, very different from securities or stocks, for which it is necessary to find complicated adapted solutions that are constantly evolving, real-estate investment represents an ideal alternative for gaining additional income or for long-term savings (retirement savings, savings plan, etc.) without needing to call on asset management or wealth management, which are often expensive and hard to access.

With these advantages, rental real-estate is one of the best financial investments possible for the private investor to strengthen or diversify their patrimony.

Nevertheless, and outside one of the economic environments most favorable to investment, real-estate is still tarnished by the not insignificant disadvantages associated with the tangibility of this financial asset.

As a palpable and physically real financial product, real-estate investment can require a great deal of effort in terms of patrimony management, including:

  • Practical examples related to its obvious attraction: safeguarding and repair, monitoring of any maintenance work for the Landlord, etc.
  • Possible rent disputes (unpaid rent, etc.)
  • Rental account management that can be energy intensive.
  • Management of leases and payments (rent indexing, rent review, settlement of charges, renewal of commercial leases, management of the end of leases, etc.)
  • Rental vacations and the search for tenants (renting out, the establishment of inventories on entry and exit, etc.)
  • Technical management (insurance claims, project management, technical reports, bringing into compliance, etc.)

The inconvenience of the administrative tasks mentioned above is a real obstacle to the desire to invest in real estate, in Brussels or elsewhere.

The Solutions Proposed by OWN:

Faced with these obstacles, OWN has a property management firm to administer the practical side of things in the best way possible and whose services are exclusively available to its owner/landlord customers in precise and complete ways:

  • Collection and management of rent/charges and day-to-day management of tenants.
  • Lease management (drawing up of leases, lease follow-up, etc.)
  • Monitoring of payment deadlines (payment of rent, indexing and annual rent review, renewal of commercial leases, etc.)
  • Monitoring of rent disputes.
  • Maintenance and repair, coordination of work.
  • Dealings with professional intermediaries (specialist legal firms, real-estate experts, entrepreneurs, etc.)

OWN’s property administration department represents genuine value for the proper performance of your accounting, rental, administrative, and legal management to better orchestrate your real-estate patrimony.

In addition to OWN’s contributions described above that are based around the management of real-estate assets and their materiality, OWN also specializes in real-estate patrimony management advice to deal with the hazards that this may entail. Indeed, real-estate patrimony, on any scale, can quickly require extra efforts concerning optimization and tax and administrative management. A good number of real-estate assets in Brussels, whether owned by an individual or a legal entity, are often badly organized and rarely fulfil their profitability potential. Growing these real-estate assets is not easy and requires constant effort in terms of time, market appreciation, and expertise to conceive the best patrimony strategy.
As a result of its own experience, OWN proposes solutions adapted to its customers thanks to a consultancy firm in real-estate patrimony management:

  • Patrimony analysis and audit to establish a patrimony report on the situation;
  • Advice on strategy and implementing the most suitable solutions (possible tax optimization, arbitration to be provided for, division of the property to be considered, optimization of certain lots to increase their rental income, etc.);
  • Advice on the transmission of patrimony,
  • Help in asset management,

Whether you are in joint ownership, an individual, or a legal entity, whether or not you have significant patrimony, OWN always has solutions for improving it, transferring it, or administering it