Why invest in real estate?

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In an uncertain economic climate, traditional financial investments seem to be declining drastically and no longer ultimately represent sound value: “stocks/bonds” type financial products no longer provide sufficiently stable return on investment and savings accounts, until now appreciated by anti-speculators for their “yield/risk-free investment” ratio, now only offer interest at less than 1 %.

In order to assist its investment customers and allow them to save time and provide a single point of contact and serious expertise, OWN devotes all its energy to identifying opportunities that correspond to them.

Whether it is with a view to obtaining additional income in the form of regular cash flow or with the aim of creating a long term savings plan, making the right investments is no longer easy.

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What are the advantages of buying real-estate?

Investing in real-estate remains undoubtedly the best investment possible in the face of the uncertainty of the current situation in Belgium and elsewhere.

Indeed, real-estate investment provides a significant number of advantageous guarantees and relevant criteria that seem to respond positively to these circumstances:

  • stable and secure rental profitability and yield,
  • capital gains possible in time,
  • Low rental risks,
  • Attribution of additional income, direct (overall income) or in the future (retirement savings, long-term investments, etc.)
  • ease at the level of growing funding solutions thanks to significantly lower mortgage rates,
  • possibility of a leverage effect,
  • rental market constantly in high demand, etc.

Real-Estate Investment in Brussels

With a consistently stable market, Brussels remains unquestionably the place to invest in Belgium. As a European capital, Brussels has many advantages that make real-estate investment sound in terms of profitability and capital gains over time.

  • A continuous demand on the rental market, for both new-builds and older properties, ensuring stable rental income.
  • Very high registration fees, but fees that consolidate the market value of investment projects.
  • A capital city that is flourishing and is a center for all interests.

Whether with a view to creating a significant real-estate portfolio, consolidating existing heritage assets or buying a first property, the Brussels market has many good years to come.

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The Disadvantages of Real-Estate Investment

But despite these numerous advantages, investing in rental real-estate in Brussels still has disadvantages, particularly related to knowledge of current real-estate matters and the tangibility of the asset:

  • the rental framework and the risk of any unpaid rent,
  • poor knowledge of market prices and the risk of not making the right real-estate investments or of not paying a fair purchase price,
  • considerable efforts concerning renting out, daily management and the time capital to be invested, etc.
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OWN: The Real-Estate Investment and Management Consultancy.

To overcome these obstacles, OWN presents itself as the Investment Consultancy, positioned for the first time exclusively at the side of Real-Estate Investors.

Its mission is based on the three fundamental pillars that make up the life of an investment, from its purchase to its sale.


Do you want to diversify your investments or build real-estate patrimony but do not know how to invest in real-estate? You may have already been confronted with many uncertainties faced with potential purchases of investment properties or perhaps you have never opted for rental real-estate investment because you felt it required too much capital or that it would excessively reduce your financial liberty; if so, OWN is the solution for you!

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the general real-estate market and our constant access to information:

  • residential real-estate,
  • new-builds and existing properties,
  • business real-estate,
  • rental real-estate
  • targeting of property on the market, but also off the market,
  • close relations with market stakeholders (solicitors, estate agents, intermediaries, etc.),
  • proactive prospection in line with customer criteria.

and thanks to expertise in all associated domains:

  • patrimony management advice,
  • real-estate investment advice,
  • knowledge of banks, the real-estate credit sector, and real-estate taxation,

OWN devotes all its energy, knowledge, resources, and skills to the search for, improvement of and management of your investment properties, whether they are an initial investment or whether you have already invested in bricks and mortar and have established real-estate patrimony.